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$8.4bn investment opportunity in Sri Lanka ‘green buildings’

 The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has said it estimates an investment opportunity of almost $8.4 billion in Sri Lanka’s green buildings sector between 2018 and 2030.

Of this, $6.8 billion will come from the residential sector and $1.6 billion from the commercial sector, the IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, said in a regional study that examines the climate-investment opportunities in south Asian countries.




“Fuelling our global growth from Sri Lanka has been one of the best decisions we have made,”

Alastair Sorbie, CEO, IFS

Colombo 10th November 2017



Why SriLanka

Industrilas Asia is a full service hub located in Sri Lanka. With both R&D center, production, assembly, warehouse and logistics, we service the local markets, as well as India and the Middle East from this location.

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Participating in supply chains provides another engine of trade-led growth in Sri Lanka in difficult economic times. It will help to increase exports, jobs, and incomes, among other macroeconomic benefits. Sri Lanka’s strategic geographical location in the Indian Ocean and its productive low-cost labour are advantages for supply chain participation. While there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach for Sri Lankan firms to join supply chains, East Asia provides interesting insights.

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Government Report about Tourism - "A country to visit - A comprehensive policy for sustainable tourism and growing tourism"

In global competition, companies and destinations need to offer experiences in terms of high quality products and services.

The main issue of the report is that the government proposes that the Riksdag make a decision on a new overall policy objective for sustainable tourism and growing tourism: to increase the contribution of tourism and tourism to sustainable economic, social and environmental development throughout the country.

The report proposes that the government develop, adopt and implement a national strategy for sustainable tourism and growing tourism - a platform for policy design and implementation until 2030 - and that this strategy is being developed in cooperation with the visiting industry, government authorities, regions, municipalities and civil society.

The report proposes that the government establish a National Visitors' Forum, which is tasked with developing the National Strategy for Sustainable Tourism and Growing Visiting, and then coordinating the implementation of the strategy.

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Passion for fish and tomato cultivation.

Peckas Naturodlingar AB (publ) is based on Pecka Nygård's unique knowledge and experience in crop rotation. He has been working for crop rotation for 20 years. Pecka has both fishery background and gardening education

Doctrin winner of Di Startup Tour

The victory went to Doctrin , which won a million kronor in Bonnier's advertising space, which owns Dagens industri as well as a number of other prizes from the competition's partners.

Doctrine is a system provider who collects the patient's medical history and sends to the medical system as a basis for the doctors prior to the visit.

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