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Pantolin Fine Jewellery established in 2006, and the profile is exclusive commissions and limited editions with high quality in every little piece of art.


Pantolin Fine Jewellery  try to use as much recycled metal as possible in their jewellery. They melt down old jewellery, and create a new unique pieces of art. They keep on developing this and the aim is to reach 100% recycled metal. All diamonds are certified.

The jewellery from Pantolin Fine Jewellery can be found on the image bank.

Sought-after jewellery in precious metals with selected stones in a responsible sourced ethic production. All products shown are available to order in 18k gold, platinum, 925 silver or gold vermeil with or without precious stones.




Ethic consciousness

Pantolin Fine Jewellery only collaborate with suppliers that agrees on good working conditions. 

Paula, the founder of Pantolin Fine Jewellery,  was brought up in a family with a grandmother who was a couture designer and textile artist and a mother who has devoted her passion for painting.


She has a Bachelor degree in Art and a Master degree in Fine Art.




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