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Inspiration and News by Aschima

Welcome to my Newsletter - With inspiration for your soul journey of bigger freedom and with an unique introduction of a new Reiki Symbol, given to Aschima, to protect lightworkers, healers and the journey of light.

 Inspiration from my heart:

- To have a True romance with yourself - Being authentic - Living your inner love: 

In my experience, working and meeting the people that are high souls with beauty around them, there is still often a part missing in their experience, so that they go around experiencing sadness or lack in their everyday life.

With my heart around this "issue" it is time to ask yourself: 

Who are you? Inspiring you to stop judging yourself or looking from the outside to know who you are -  and to connect yourself to your inner being and the soulpath to your Living Truth.

This to create a BRIDGE over from an unhappy you to a more "integrated happy You"

- In your day to day life - Question this: 

Are You-

Living the truth of you....!?

Following your own heart...!?

Do you honor yourself...!?

 - When you see something in your day to day life that does not fit all of you, for ex, with work, following your passions, interests, or in relationships...

Question where and how you made your choices, without going in regression or sadness, did you follow truth, inner self or did you follow a belief?

When you follow a belief, or what someone told you is the right choice, instead of listening to your inner truth, you will experience a lack or feel sad. ( it is the souls voice saying you are not listening in )

I - Aschima - honor doing my authentic self everyday.  And I do not think in Right or Wrong or what anyone tells me is better for me... I FEEL.

My Inspiration for you, is to do something that you honor doing just for u, everyday, to fill you again...


To connect to your inner truth : REIKI will be Supportive:

- Reiki and Presence will direct the energies so you find and live your highest true self.

Aschimas reiki is filled with awakened energies that will diminish fear or the mind being in doubt. You´ll get a channel that is clear, so that you can feel and know who you are.

A Distant Healing session with the intention will Work perfectly too.


Warmly welcome

with Love



Introduction Of: REIKI ENLIGHTENED Power symbol by Aschima/Usui reiki system


Aschimas new reiki symbol, that she has received as a blessing because of her healing work, with the intention to help you to live more uplifted towards the integration of New Age, uplifting mother earth to a higher dimension in peace.

  It generates Bright Light,  the purest energy, healing and fire through the aura. 

It Brings - Protection for light workers

It can open up places in the body or chakras that are blocked from being in full power

The symbol looks like the sun and works as a wheel that is constantly moving/ in circles around you, to give you highest protection and quickest change of any dominated energies.

Aschima already works with the symbol everyday on her own aura and with her clients.

An Initiation of the symbol will give your aura more protection and more powerful energies to open blockages, lifting you up ( remaining in the 5th( or higher ) dimension ) instead of dragging you into 3d or 4th dimension where ego and fear mostly comes first/dominates the human soul.

Choices if you want the 7 reiki symbol/key to higher energy-

You can either be Attune solely, to the new Symbol with Aschima,  or take the course on how to use the symbol in your healing work  - for self healing and with clients.

Cost: Attunement on Reiki bench with extra healing and a sealed intention for your unique path : 1700 sek. The attunement can be given on distance, during a Skype session with Aschima or during your Sleeping hours.

Material to learn about the symbol and how to use it: Includes: Word document. Youtube movie. And practice with mail feedback from Aschima: 4000 sek


Book through mail: femininebuddha

Contact and Booking


 Welcome to book a session by sending mail to:


All sessions are also available distantly 




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