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Give yourself time to relax!

Hi everyone!  

Now autumn is here for sure. How are you all feeling? Is everything rushing past without you having time to relax? Here comes a couple of tips on different ways to relax.

Give yourself a little bit of creative "me-time". Creative activity is an effective strategy against stress. Join me in my studio for 5 "Tuesday Flow" evenings during Oct-Dec. We will be creative, paint, have a glass of wine, relax and have fun. Read more below!

Or why not bring the kids to Hägernässtrand. Go for a relaxing walk along the water and visit the opening of my next exhibition "Chicas". We are three artists with three completely different styles. Let the kids decide what they like or not and explain why. End with a lunch at one of the nearby cafes.

Make sure you give yourself time to enjoy the beautiful autumn!!

Love Jenny

"Chicas" at Hägernässtrands Galleri

These are not the three Chicas... one chica was missing so Carlos took her place :)

Yester we hung our exhibition "Chicas" at Hägernäs Strands Galleri. Me and the fantastic chicas Madeleine Santiago and Camilla Lundén are exhibiting together. It will be a vibrant exhibition with three different styles but with a lot of commonalities in how we approach art.

As you probably know I love painting biiiig! In this exhibition you can see one of my biiiig faces, 2x2m :)

Welcome to the Opening on Saturday the 23rd of September, 11.00-16.00.

I hope to see you there!

Upcoming Exhibitions

19 Sep- 21 Nov      Hägernäs Strands Galleri, Stockholm Hägernäs

23 Nov- 6 Dec         Magno Art Galleri, Sibyllegatan, Stockholm

See all the exhibitions here

Tuesday flow - Painting workshops

Do you like to paint and be creative and never give yourself the time or do you feel that you need new inspiration in your artistic path? Come and join us in 3-5 relaxing and creative Tuesday evenings (Oct-Dec) in Ateljé Flow in Danderyd (you can choose if you want to join 3 or 5 evenings). 

We will be creative, paint, have a glass of wine, relax and have fun. My goal is to create an environment where you can relax, be creative on a regular basis, learn new things, be brave and let go of inner critique.

I will go through different techniques and fun projects each time but everyone will work on their own projects. We will focus on enjoying the process, finding different ways to let go and learning not to get too attached to what we create. Contact me at:, or click here if you would like more information.

Weekend workshop schedule Autumn 2017

30 Sep - 1 Oct, Ateljé Flow, Stockholm, Sweden 

11-12 Nov, Son, Norway, (Art Journaling)

18-19 Nov, Zwolle, Holland

You can find more information here. Please send me a message if you are interested to register for one of the workshops or if you would like to host a workshop close to you!

Read the full article here!


  That is all for now!

Stay positive, be brave and spread love around you.


Love Jenny



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