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How was your summer?

– Let’s see, according to my sketchbooks it looks like I experienced some turbulence while flying, enjoyed Romanian music, food, dishwashing and did some travelling on the high seas! I also went to Kassel for the Documenta exhibition and had a workshop and talk at Visual Playground in Bucharest, both were great. I got to spend some time at the westcoast of Sweden with my family to.


Do you always carry a sketchbook with you?

– Yes, I am a compulsory drawer, I draw all the time. Using a sketchbook is perfect, it fits my pocket and also looks great in the bookcase. I just started a new, number 33.

Time to put together a new book, »The forth in line«, perhaps?

– Absolutely! Time to start planning for a new title. But I am thinking more in the line of ... something even bigger … like the biggest and longest line yet ...?


Sounds like a good idea, lets do it!



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