Carl Film Forum 2017

Co-production, financing and regional development in the Baltic Sea area

Carl Film Forum is proud to present its second round of attendees and the first program content. The aim of the forum is to create contact areas with the focus on co-production and financing of films around the Baltic Sea and to take a regional focus on financing and production.

Carl Film Forum aims to strengthen southern Sweden as a film region and want to be the stepping stone for southern Swedish content and a platform for southern Swedish producers. 

The industry activities will be held between September 11-12 in parallel to Carl International Film Festival in Karlskrona with a number of industry related seminars on September 9-10.


Southern Sweden Co-Producer Network

September 11

Carl Film Forum will present a networking meet-up with the ambition to create a southern Swedish producers and film professional network to strengthen the regional co-production ambition. The meet-up will consist of topics that touches southern Swedish content and co-productions as well as case studies of international co-production and work in progress sessions. The meet-up will end with a mingle. 


Baltic Sea Co-production Seminar 

September 11

The Baltic Sea is a dynamic region with countries that has interacted in various of ways throughout the history. The region has increasingly focused on cultural exchanges and, in particular, film production between the countries of the region and intensive work to create the right conditions for cooperation and funding of film and audiovisual media is something that many of the countries work with. The panel will discuss what opportunities there are to co-produce within the region, how this can be done and what the future looks like.


Swedish regional film funds day

September 12

Sweden is in a development where regional production centers are becoming increasingly important for the development and financing of films and co-productions, both nationally and internationally. On September 12, Carl Film Forum focuses on regional film funds and production centers. The day will consist of presentations, network sessions and panels. 


Second round of Carl Film Forum attendees

Carl Film Forum will welcome a number of institutes, organizations, funds and production companies from the Swedish, Baltic Sea and international film industry. Read more below about some of our attendees for the first forum edition.

  • Blockbuster
    Blockbuster is Denmarks number one online streaming site that has recently and successfully been launched in Sweden. The concept is to launch films that has just recently been in theatres and to pay only for the films that you want to watch.
  • Estonian Film Institute
    Estonian Film Institute is a national foundation, financed mainly by the Ministry of Culture. The institute provides support to preserve, develop and promote Estonian national film culture. 
  • Film Region Stockholm-Mälardalen
    Film Region Stockholm-Mälardalen is one of the largest regional centres for flm production in Sweden that provide localized support and assistance for international and Swedish film-producers interested in shooting in the region of Stockholm-Malardalen.
  • Baltic Event
    Baltic Event is the largest international co-production market in North-Eastern Europe taking place in collaboration with Tallinn of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in November every year.
  • Cine regio
    Cine-Regio is a network of regional film funds in Europe. The network is continuously expanding and today represents 44 regional film funds from 12 EU Member States, in addition to Norway and Switzerland.
  • Law Factory
    Katrine Schlüter Schierbeck represents The Law Factory, working with Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property Law. Katrine is the lawyer of the Danish Producer Association and also works as a production lawyer for Scandinavian film production companies.
  • Ystad-Österlen Film Fund
    Ystad Film Fund is a southern Sweden co-production fund in Ystad. Ystad in internationally famous for the production of the Wallander films. 

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