Carl Film Forum 2017

Registration and first announcement of attendees

Carl International Film Festival is proud to present the festival’s industry platform Carl Film Forum 2017. The forum will focus on establishing new opportunities for international co-production within the Baltic Sea region, roads to financing film and audiovisual media, focus on development of regional funds and film audiovisual media production as a way to further regional development. Through seminars, networking, presentations and festivities a range of topics on the development of Swedish, Baltic Sea and international film industry will be presented.

The Carl Film Forum industry activities will be held between September 10-12. 

Carl Film Forum aims to strengthen southern Sweden as a film region and the opportunities to collaborate with institutions, companies and organizations that work with film production in the region. This aims to provide a re-growth of the film culture, both in Karlskrona as well as in southern Sweden region.


Carl Film Forum attendees

Carl Film Forum will welcome a number of institutes, organizations, funds and production companies from the Swedish, Baltic Sea and international film industry. Read more below about some of our attendees for the first forum edition.

  • Film i Väst
    Film i Väst is one of Europe's most successful co-producers and Scandinavia's preeminent regional film fund. Since 1992 Film i Väst have co-produced more than 1 000 feature films, TV-dramas, shorts and documentaries.

  • YLE
    YLE is the official Finnish public-service company for television and radio known for their drama productions, documentaries, films and news.

  • National Film Centre of Latvia
    The National Film Centre of Latvia is a film institution in Latvia aiming to promote the creation and production of films in Latvia and co-productions with Latvia, as well as the distribution in Latvia and around the world.

  • Film i Skåne
    Film i Skåne is the largest regional centre for film production and support in southern Sweden. Through co-production of films they attract capital that is spent in the region to help develop the audio-visual infrastructure in Skåne.

  • Lithuanian Film Centre
    The Lithuanian Film Centre provides funding for film development, production, distribution, promotion, education projects and preservation of film heritage for Lithuanian the film industry.

  • Reaktor Sydost
    Reaktor Sydost is one of the southern Swedish resources centers for film funding and promotion. Reaktor Sydost is currently a part of developing a new regional film fund in southern Sweden.

Register for Carl Film Forum

With an accreditation to Carl Film Forum you will get access to all activities and events that are a part of the Carl Film Forum during Carl International Film Festival 2017. The accreditation will also give you entry to an unlimited number of festival screenings. Carl Film Forum will be held September 10-12 with a number of industry related seminars on September 9.

  • access to all program activities during Carl Film Forum 2017
  • beverages during the activities
  • one invitation to the opening of Carl International Film Festival 2017 on September 8
  • free access to all festival screenings and events

Make your accreditation to an early bird price before July 15 2017.

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