Nyhetsbrev från Silverdals Kulle med senaste nytt. Se det i webbläsaren.

Entrance system

If you use the FreeCall service and hang up after four signals you can use the last four digits in your registered phonenumber as an entrance code for one hour. This simplifies if you have many guests coming over for a dinner party or similar.

New router, new tv-box!

If you switch for the new router you also need to change to a new tv-box. The new router is not fully compatible with the old tv-box. As a member of Brf Silverdals Kulle this is free of charge according to our contract with Bredbandsbolaget. Unfortunately all of their staff is not aware of this so be persistent and don't give up!

Emergency exits

Our staircases are our only emergency exits and it's extremely important that we all make sure to keep these areas free from loose objects. It's for all members safety. Remember that it's only allowed to use gas and electric barbeques on decks/balconies. If you have a charcoal barbeque, place it in the yard away from the houses. 

The new board

During the annual meeting May 29th we voted for a new board: Annelie Löf (chairman), Kim Hellströmer (vice chairman), Susanne Jussén (secretary), Sofie Ehrström (treasurer), Jennie Cederlund Janevi (member), Amir Khatibinaz (member), Åsa Nybacka (member), Anita Sjöholm (alternate), Raffael Guariglia (alternate), Charlott Richardson (alternate).

Before you buy a new cylinder!

The board strongly recommends all members that plan to buy new cylinder for their front door to order from the preferred supplier in order to keep important functions like "serviceläge".

Distributed by the board of the tennant association Silverdals kulle. 
If you have questions, email us: styrelsen@silverdalskulle.se

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