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I'm excited to announce that I have completed my training as a Clearing Practitioner and I look forward to estblishing my business as your personal development and business systems mentor.


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What I Feel Like Saying....

I learned this exercise about year ago at a personal development course I took with Blair Singer. Part of the course I took included serving on the logistics team for a day. The logistics team (a group of people that take care of the set up, clean up and managment of the room and event for a speaker) began and ended their day with an exercise called

"What I Feel Like Saying..."

In order for everyone to win in this exercise there are a few rules that have to be honoured and respected. 

  • One person begins the exercise by saying, What I feel like saying is.... Then continues with his or her thoughts
  • Comments can not be interrupted, when the person is finished speaking the only response given by the next person to speak is                        ~ Thank You ~
  • The next person continues with What I feel like saying... and the process continues until everyone has spoken
  • The exercise is a means in which you can share your feelings positve or negative without judgement or challenge
  • If time is a factor you may want to limit the speaking time for each individual

This exercise can be used in any setting. Family dinners, between couples, friends, sports teams, volunteer groups, work teams, sitting around the fire pit, first thing in the morning and again at night. Wherever or whenever you use it I'm sure you will quicklly realize the benefits it has for each of you. There is great personal value received in sharing your thoughts and feelings in a safe environment, knowing that you will not be judged or challenged. Give it a try, you just might LOVE IT!

Happy Fathers Day!

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