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Balance IT

The value of having balance in your life.

  • Do you sometimes feel frustrated because you have to skip your work out because you are working?
  • Have you felt guilty because you chose to work instead of spending time with family or taking a well needed vacation?

Harvey and I recently completed our goals for 2016 and were happy and excited about our new goals and the new system we created to hold ourselves accountable to the decisions we had made for our future. We were feeling great about the fresh start we had for 2016! Our coach Bob Molle often shared the value of setting goals and having plans that mapped out our future. He told us that we had to be specific with our goals and have ways that we could measure our progress. Don't get hung up on the goal he said, get tied to the steps of reaching the goal. Having no prior experience in writing goals, it took us some time to get the concept, but we are proud to say we have finally learnt a technique and a system that works for us. WOOHOO! What a great year 2016 is going to be!

During the Christmas holidays it didn't work out for our family to get together to celebrate. We spent Christmas with our daughter, Lyndee and her family and decided that we would travel to Vernon, BC to spend time with our son, Jesse and his family in January. We worked out some dates that made sense for us and didn't really think more about it until a few days before we were suppose to leave. We contacted Jesse and let him know that we would be arriving as planned.

Suddenly, I started feeling anxious about leaving and the little voice in my head got louder as the time to leave drew nearer. The voices were doing their best to assure me that taking time away now would make me a complete failure at keeping my goals right off the bat.
A thought pops into my mind….. I need to find a way to take my new companion with me! I'm sure we can find space for our 4' x 3' goal board in the car. The system we created to keep us accountable would be close by, like a security blanket, to keep us on task. Right?

I begin thinking about all the challenges that we are going to face. The 8 hours of traveling there and back would be two days that would make it difficult to stick with our goals. Being away would interfere with the new habits that we were establishing, the commitments and routines that we set and were determined to succeed at. Recollections of the past failures I had at following a program when we were away came quickly to view. Everything just flys out the window, how can we expect to keep it up when we have other things to consider? Why would it be any different this time? Now I'm feeling frustrated because I set myself up to fail. I knew we were planning this trip, maybe I shouldn't have been so eager to get the goal board up. Why even bother with goals? I know things like this have always happened in the past. It's easier to just go with the flow and do the best I can day by day, after all, its worked ok for me so far.
I quickly decide whatever happens ~ happens! We really miss Jesse and his family and we are not willing to give up this opportunity to spend time with them.

The day to leave on our trip arrives and Harvey and I are standing in front of our goal board. As part of our accountability process we decided that we would do a weekly review on Sunday's to see how we had made out completing the goals we had set for the week. As we are going through each goal we celebrate the wins and acknowledge the areas that need improvements. As we are looking at our intentions for the next week, we realize that with a little planning we can still achieve the majority of goals we set. We both take out our note pads and jot down a list of things we can do while we are away. Already the tension is evaporating because I remember what Bob had taught us, the goals are the outcome of the steps you take. It's a process and as entrepreneurs and a committed team, I feel confident that Harvey and I can solve any problem that presents it's self. I'm feeling a lot better about leaving our goal board at home. We start thinking about a couple of our commitments, to have a weekly date night and exercising every day. My first thought was we will probably give them up next week. How do we plan a date night when we are going to visit someone? How can we exercise when we have long travel days? A little brainstorming and we quickly came up with a new plan. We could make our travel days "date nights" and "exercise days" by fitting in a time to walk and sight see and stop for a nice dinner out before we arrive at our destination. There were no time restrictions so we could arrive at our destination when we chose to. Problem solved!

We didn't complete everything we intended to while we were away, there are things we need to improve on but we were happy with what we did accomplish while we were gone. When we get home we will review our past week and discuss how we can improve our plans to maintain our goals and keep balance in our lives when we travel and need to be away from our normal routines. It's a process and we are experiencing the value of being goal setters every day.
Our travel day home had time for completing my newsletter, having a great walk and perfect dinner date in Jasper Park. That happened because we planned for it to happen. Our goal board includes all aspects of our life and we were determined to implement a well balanced life style for our future. Business/Wealth Development, Family/Friends/Fun, Health/Wellness and Personal Development. All of the categories have equal importance and will have equal respect as we plan to maintain balance in our lives now and forever.

Are you frustrated because you can't maintain balance in your life? Message me, I can help!

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