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 Our company

MIH Real Estate Inc

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Family Fun Night!

Dinner and a movie ;)

Star Light Drive In - Enderby BC

Had a great experience with an awesome family of 34 (age 18 months - 76) watching "Minions" We took along lawnchairs, sat outside, visited and enjoyed a picnic dinner before the movie began. A memory that will be treasured for quite some time.

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July 21, 2015

Mind Battling IT

Time away from the normal activities of your life has great benefit. We need to remind ourselves that life should be fun and enjoyable. The interesting thing is that sometimes we don’t realize the benefits of time away until after we have done it, it is then that we notice our mood and attitude has shifted somewhat.

Harvey and I love spending time with family and friends and I have noticed over time that I often have these, what I refer to as, “silly mind battles”

Early commitment to the idea or invitation is always well supported. There are no thoughts that even pass through my mind that conflict with the idea of taking some time off to travel, enjoy time with family and friends, experience a new adventure or relax on a sunny beach. Harvey and I both have strong values with regard to spending time with family and friends. The decision to attend or participate is easy to make. Nothing would get in the way of us going to an event, taking a vacation or hosting a social gathering ourselves. My little voice (mind chatter) is calm and supportive, excited and open to the whole idea.

As time passes I begin to feel the pressure of prior commitments and expectations involved in the preparation of the event or the planning of certain things to ensure the event or trip is a success. Making travel arrangements, coordinating schedules, completing business projects, assigning tasks, requesting help to tend after things while we are away, securing property, arranging to connect with people to get updates on some active business projects. (if they are not complete prior to leaving) My little voice gets very active and the debate begins, do we have time for this? How do I complete this or that before we leave, I don’t want to bother people by asking them to do things for us while we are away. As the time to leave gets closer, the pressure of leaving unfinished business behind grows bigger than the excitement of attending the event or going on the journey. I become caught up in the anxiety of what I haven’t done or what has captured my attention at the moment.

The departure day or the day the event begins I start to realize that I will not complete everything that I wanted to prior to leaving. The anxiety builds as I begin to reschedule the things that I still need to get done to a new date in the future when I return. My mood swings between frustration and excitement as I think about my unfinished projects and the upcoming event, the fun that I’m going to have, the reconnection with family and friends. My little voice tells me to relax and take in the positive energy that will soon be surrounding me. While I’m away and as each day passes my mind settles down and the unfinished projects and business responsibilities begin to take a back seat. I feel my whole spirit lift and I’m instantly grateful for the time to rejuvenate, relax and enjoy family, friends and the atmosphere.

Returning home… I feel energized, with a clear mind, ready to get back home and to work, feeling confident that I can solve all the world’s problems. My little voice is saying… why did you put yourself through all that crazy thinking? I know I needed this break, I knew I would have a great time, next time I should remind myself to be less stressed out about leaving, nothing fell apart while I was away, business went on without me, I would have been forever disappointed with myself if I had not gone…..

Has your little voice ever stopped you from doing something that you wanted to do? Have you let a present situation control your life? Don’t let your mind chatter stop you from taking time to relax, have fun and enjoy yourself. We need to refresh our minds and spirits frequently by taking time away from the daily routines we have. Like me, you may be grateful that you did it even though your little voice was telling you not to.

Happy Summer Times

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