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Are you feeling pressured or stressed at this point of the holidays?

Today is the 21st of December and many people are feeling that time is running out for them to get all the things done, that they want to have done, before Christmas morning. It's the main question I get and give each time I meet up with someone. Are you ready for Christmas? I have met up with a lot people lately and the most common answer to that question is "NO" I still have several things to do before I'm ready.

This year seems to have a little more concern in the air than the past few years.

Some people have shared that the economic down turn has created additional stress and that cash flow is not as plentiful as past years. Others have shared that finding the appropriate gifts is getting more challenging. People that usually bake goodies for the holidays are telling me that they haven't had time to get to that this year. Others are planning to finish their shopping this week and will be up late wrapping gifts on Christmas eve.

We all place expectations on ourselves and on others throughout the holidays. Please keep in mind that this year may be a little more stressful for some of our family and friends. The gifts that can’t be wrapped may be the gifts more appreciated this year. Be compassionate and understanding of what others are experiencing. Give more hugs and pass out more smiles. You too, will feel the benefits of such gifts and I can share, that I have had the pleasure of hearing just how much a hug or smile affects those that need it. Life changing gifts! They are free but the value is priceless!

Harvey and I wish you the most loving Christmas experience ever, this year and for all eternity.



Feeling stressed or overwhelmed through the holidays? Message me, I can help!

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