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Feeling IT

Have you ever wanted to increase your personal power?

I was recently in Phoenix working as a logistics crew member assisting Blair Singer. Blair is a facilitator that teaches leaders to be better leaders and awesome team players. We were the team that came together to learn about the process of setting up the room to make sure a presentation is a success for the presenter and for the participants.
In our team of volunteers, one member was designated a lead supervisor and he was presented with a manual of expectations and roles that needed to be completed. Our lead supervisor Steve, began by organizing a conference call prior to arriving in Phoenix so that we could meet each other and discuss our roles. We shared our individual experiences, knowledge and goals so that we could support one another while we did our best to serve Blair and the participants in the Master Facilitator Program.

Our team consisted of several people from around the world. Steve Koszman, Shane Hartman, Tracy Rickards and I from Canada, Jose Rangel from Mexico, Justin Teoh from Australia, Julia Cheng from Taiwan and Jenny Campbell from USA. I knew some of the people for a while, was familiar with some of the others and had the pleasure of meeting some of them for the first time. We were all aware of the high standard that Blair sets for his programs and we knew that we wanted to make sure the participants had the best experience possible. Each day we arrived early in the morning and stayed late into the night to make sure that these needs were met. We began our day with what we called a circle meeting. We would begin by sharing what we felt like saying and end the meeting with a review of what we needed to accomplish that day. At the end of our day when the room was prepped and ready for the next day we would close with another circle meeting. Even though we were all very tired and eager to climb into our comfortable beds we took the time to have our meeting and share what we felt like saying and discuss the duties we had completed and what we needed to do first thing in the morning.

One of the nuggets I took away from this experience was that I noticed our leader, Steve, always reminded us to take care of ourselves. To drink plenty of water, to keep ourselves nourished throughout the day, to stretch, and to get help when needed. He made us feel appreciated on a different level which reminded me to think of the other team members and support them that way as well. I heard Oprah once say, "we can unite the world through belief and that we are interconnected, we are all in this human-thing together", I believe this to be true, there is a force greater than us and when we join together amazing things can happen. A team that comes together to serve a common purpose, that believes in the same mission will accomplish more than they set out to.

Our team quickly became connected and our spirits joined together as one. We were united in harmony, mutual respect and love and we continued to maintain those characteristic throughout the week, even as we grew tired from lack of sleep. We confronted misunderstandings immediately, we held each other accountable to maintaining a high standard, and we carried each other when needed. We were a strong unit and believed in working together as one. Toward the end of the week we felt assured that we were meeting our team goal and as long as we stayed united we could carry it through to the end. The participants were happy and several shared positive feedback with us. We were feeling pretty good about what we had accomplished so far. Then the sky exploded with a huge fireworks display when we received a compliment from Blair! He told us that we were the best logistics team he had in a very long time and to keep up the good work. We all went home with big smiles on our faces that night!!!
On the last day we were gathered together in our final circle meeting and Blair asked to join us. He shared how pleased he was with our performance as a team and that the quality of our work throughout the week was above excellence. He concluded with a statement that definitely increased all of our personal power and for me, will live there for a long time. "You are by far the best logistics team that has served me in over 30 years, Congratulations to each of you!" Talk about a power boost from one of the greatest leaders I know!!!
If you would like to increase your personal power try serving someone with all your heart and soul. Do it because you believe in them and the cause they stand for. The rewards are unmeasurable.

Do you need some help increasing your personal power? Message me, I can help!

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