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Bear Lake Mastermind Event!

Harvey and I hosted our second gathering of masterminds at our home at Bear Lake on August 7-8-9. We had 37 of the most fabulous adult friends attend along with 21 of their children. Everyone had a blast. There was endless boat trips that Harvey loved. All the kids big and small had a great time water skiing, surfing, tubing and swimming. Midnight glow in the dark bocce ball, cashflow games, golfing and rocking it out with karaoke around the campfire kept many of us wide awake well into the wee hours of each morning. The only complaint from the neighbour was that they missed the "GOOD" singer that was there last year. Not sure what he meant by that? LOL! 

A HUGE Thank You! to Kenison and Steve Kloosterman with Outback Rentals for donating the most awesome potty/shower unit we have ever seen. YOU GUYS ROCK!!

A HUGE Thank You! to Lyndee & Travis Zezel and Vanessa & Randen Sauer for donating their holiday trailers for our guests to stay in. We are Very GRATEFUL! 

Quote IT

Change IT

Are you feeling on edge? Is your anxiety level stuck on high? Does everything seem to go wrong lately?  Did you know that you can do things to help youself be at the top of your game? Here are some helpful tips to get you in a better frame of mind.

Food/Water: Mental and emotional work require physical energy, so it is optimum to ensure that your body is adequately fed on a regular basis. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated at all times. Food and water are fuel to the body and when the body is running properly your thinking, troubleshooting, problem solving and emotional state will improve dramically.

Rest: Sleep is another form of fuel for the body. It is best to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Maximize the use of your mind and increase the positive spirit by getting a good rest each night.

Exercise: Activity is a great way to divert your attention and release tention. Do something you really enjoy like walking, biking, jogging, dancing, yoga, it doesn't matter what it is just do it. Daily if possible.

Support: Having positive people in your life is a must. If you have negative people in your life they bring you down, sometimes without you even knowing it. Avoid people, places, things or situations that upset you. You will find that your spirit gains momentum when you do.

Attire: Dress in a way that makes you feel better about yourself. Wearing casual clothes is comfortable but if you are dressed for bedtime you will not feel the energy you need to accomplish your tasks. Make a habit of looking your best, it will uplift your spirit.

Conduct: Be ethical. When you are, you feel the best about yourself and therefor you allow yourself to create only the best for yourself. Self-esteem is, in part, a direct result of one's ethics.

Smile: Even if you don't feel like it. Have you ever noticed how you feel when someone smiles at you? Try smiling at yourself, you will be surprised at how good it makes you feel. Try greeting yourself with a smile each time you look in the mirror. You deserve it!

Music: Listen to music that is appropriate for the type of mood you want to be in. Soft quiet music for when you are winding down and peppy fun music when you need a burst of energy. Listening to sad music makes you sad. Happy music makes you happy.

Control Your Little Voice: Listen to the voices speaking in your head. If they are not supporting you, tell them to take a hike. Let them know that they are not welcome and that you are in control now. Be strong and persistent and those negative voices will become quiet afterthoughts.    

These are just a few helpful hints and are simple ways that you can improve your mindset. Try adopting some or all of these habits and you and others will notice a pleasant change in your attitude.





You owe it to yourself, Take Charge and Change It!

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