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Have you ever experienced a series of negative events in your life? Times, when it seems like no matter how hard you try, nothing works in your favour. Your goals are interrupted because a new or recurring drama keeps popping up.

Harvey and I were so excited to begin this new year. Our new business Life Back Business Systems Ltd (LBBS) is taking off and it feels great to have a mission that serves both of us so well.

Our mission at LBBS is to create balance and harmony in the lives of entrepreneurs, their organizations, and their families through transformational learning experiences, facilitation of process and system enhancements, and support for their evolving business strategies. Our goal is to ensure our clients’ future sustainability in all areas of their life.

My personal mission in life is to help others achieve their dreams and I know Harvey feels much the same way. We want to help people achieve their dreams by encouraging, mentoring, supporting, guiding, teaching, growing in knowledge together and loving them as they go through the process of getting what they really want in life. We know that our skills, gifts, experiences, failures and successes can help others get to where they want to be, quicker. We don’t have to do it alone, in fact, you can’t do it alone! That is one of the greatest lessons we have learned. Our life changed dramatically when we realized and accepted that.

Occasionally, I struggle with the idea that I can do it better than anyone else or it takes too much time to teach someone else so I may as well do it myself. Ever been there? When I do that, I remind myself that two can accomplish more than one. Then I know my thinking, that I can do it better, is not serving me well. Over time we have learned that our thoughts have so much influence on the outcome of our goals or intentions. Have you ever beat yourself up for not doing what you intended to? Gave yourself the complete once over because you failed at something. I sure have. When I feel that way, nothing goes right, I give up or even cause it to fail by telling myself that I’m not good enough or that I can’t do it. Then I push it off, making excuses for not doing it. Telling myself that it really isn’t important, nobody cares, etc. When that happens then I end up stuck there, not moving forward. I don’t complete what I need to and don’t get anything else done. I just want to abandon everything. If I realize this is going on, then I can quickly change my thinking and start telling myself the things I need to hear to motivate myself to keep after my goal. I’m sure you have all heard the saying “the devil made me do it.” I believe that when we are on to something great and good then negative things happen to stop us from proceeding and one of the biggest things that stop me from succeeding is ME!

A good sign that I’m on to something great is when negative things begin popping up in my life. Out of the blue, crazy things, will side swipe me and knock me over. Often, they are stressful things that take up my time, money and leave me with little sleep. Of course, they are very important, at least they are disguised that way, but when closely examined I determine the outcome of spending my resources on them won’t actually gain me anything. Harvey and I have had several things pop up in our life since we started our new business. Issues that have consumed our time, energy, mind and money. Don’t get me wrong, they are important matters and we know we have to give them the attention they deserve but when we weigh them against the outcome of helping people achieve their dreams, we quickly see where our attention needs to be. Sometimes it is difficult to see that a negative burden is leading us astray.

On February 1st, you may have read a post that I put on Face Book, “Harvey Sauer and I would love your energy at 9:00 am tomorrow morning. Powerful things happen when spirits connect!!!” We had an overwhelming response to that post and knew that powerful things would happen. To provide you with some follow up from that post I will share the gist of our story. We own a real estate business and have a few properties in Saskatchewan. One of our properties has a situation that has been overwhelming to say the least. Lawyers are involved and it has lasted a lot longer than we ever would have guessed. On the morning of February 1st we were attending a hearing at the Saskatchewan Rentalsman Office to evict a tenant from the property we own in Saskatoon. We had an agreement for sale with this individual and the termination date on the contract was June 30, 2016. In July, we agreed to let them rent the property while we worked out another possible solution for him to purchase the house. Harvey and I planned a trip to Saskatchewan in December to check on and complete some paper work on the properties we own there, that is when we discover that our tenants in Saskatoon have listed our house for sale. CRAZY!!! Right.

It’s a long story but I will give you the quick version… In Saskatchewan, an agreement for sale must be cancelled through the court system. From a buyer’s perspective that is great, they should be protected and able to extend the time to purchase if that is their intention and they will lose money if not permitted to do so. Not the case in our story. There is no money to be lost by the buyer and obviously, they do not want the house, they have listed it for sale. Their lawyer argues that they have every right to stay in the house until we cancel the agreement for sale. He further assures us that they are within their right to sell the property and he will prove that in court. We have emails and text conversations with the tenant that prove otherwise and continue with the eviction process and that takes us back to February 1st. In the hearing at the rentalsman’s office it is decided that more information needs to be submitted to make a ruling, so a new date is set. Harvey and I, feeling the power of the positive energy we collected from our Face Book post and decide to confront the lawyer representing our tenants and end up in a three hour meeting and negotiate a deal.
As we sit in the lawyer’s office negotiating that deal, we know we have a strong case and we are prepared to go all the way if we have to. We know this lawyer is a bully and his threats are meant to intimidate us. We know this tenant is simply after some money. We are aware that a lengthy court process, legal fees, and a free loading tenant all cost a considerable amount of money. We also know that the actions of the realtor and the lawyer are underhanded. It strongly goes against our values. Prior to this day, Harvey and I discussed all these things and came to the conclusion that; although we believe these people are taking advantage of us, the professionals are conducting business with little or no ethics, exposing that fact, will not change any of them. Ending this charade as soon as possible was our best goal. We know that if we offer some money to this tenant it will be over quickly. Having said that, we also know deep within us that this tenant is not entitled to any money, in fact he owes us. It feels so backwards!

Understanding that directing our energy and resources on the positive things we are doing will have far greater benefit to us and others, becomes a reality that can not be dismissed. In fact, it is one of the criteria that helps us make our decisions. So… after considerable thought, we conclude, we can not let these people derail our good work. The few thousand dollars that we paid to get these negative people out of our life will net us an infinite return in so many other ways. If you are experiencing negative people or issues in your life consider what they or it, is stopping you from doing. Having to make a decision, like we did may not feel right, but we know it will end right. We can share that we have made this decision before and can testify that the gains we made by getting rid of the negativity produced unimaginable benefits for us. Personal and financial growth that would not have presented its self if we had not made the decisions we did. Don’t let negativity consume your life!

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