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European Commission decides to restore GSP+ trade access for Sri Lanka

ECONOMYNEXT – The European Commission Wednesday said it proposed the European Union remove import duties on Sri Lankan products, restoring GSP Plus trade access to the island’s biggest export market.

“These one-way trade preferences would consist of the full removal of duties on 66% of tariff lines, covering a wide array of products including textiles and fisheries,” it said in a statement.

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GSP+ for Sri Lanka is an opportunity for both human rights and economic growth

Photo from when Mr Fjellner met with Rt.Hon Prime Minister Wickremasinghe in Brussels

Comment by Swedish Member of the European Parliament Mr Christoffer Fjellner

"Trade is the best tool to fight poverty in the world. History has shown over and over again how globalisation is gradually eradicating poverty and lifting people all over the world into the middle class. But trade policy can also work as a tool to promote human rights, labour rights and sustainable development. The decision of the European Commission to cut tariffs for products from Sri Lanka is a very good step in promoting such trade policy: Liberalise trade to help a country lift itself out of poverty with the condition that the country respects human rights, the rule of law and the environment. It’s now time for us in the European Parliament and for the member states to check that Sri Lanka really fulfills their promises in this regard."

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Video: Sri Lanka, an emerging trade hub in South Asia

We also encourage you to view the latest edition of ITC’s video news programme, TradeCompass, which puts Sri Lanka in the spotlight. Sri Lanka, an emerging trade hub in South Asia

Visit Sri Lanka with SSLBC in February 2017

Join us for a visit to Sri Lanka. In February 2017 Open Trade Gate/Kommerskollegium with Sri Lankan Embassy in Sweden and Department of Commerce will arrange a seminar about "Sustainabile export to Sweden". This seminar is for the Sri Lanka companies. SSLBC will lead a small delegation of Swedish companies who will have a tailor made program.

13-17 February 2017

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Food industry

Michael learns to rock at Entrepreneur Hubs Sri Lanka

A start-up to help start-ups – this was the flashbulb moment Michael Moonesinghe experienced when he attended the Disrupt Asia Conference a few months ago in Colombo.

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Sri Lankan company visiting Formex




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