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A Word from the Director

Dear colleagues & future users of MAX IV, 

Just hours ago, Pedro Tavarez jumped into my office announcing “We achieved 40mA of stored beam in the 1.5 GeV ring!” Good news for all users of VUV and soft X-rays. Now we are confident that this ring will also deliver good beam to users in 2017.

The accelerator commissioning is progressing well and all tests indicate that they will fulfill the hopes of the users, intense beams of high quality and stability.

In parallel work is going on for all of the funded 14 beamlines. FemtoMAX, NanoMAX, and BioMAX have received light up to the detector and the latter two are looking forward to receiving commissioning experts soon. For Balder and HIPPIE the insertion devices are installed and commissioning with light can begin. This has lead us to decide that on Lucia day we will take the next step, announcing a limited user call. During 2017 we will need to fairly distribute resources between three parallel areas: installation, commissioning and operation - a challenge which will need creative solutions and require compromises from all sides.

While most of the team is dedicated to finishing the accelerator and beamline projects, we are also allowed to look far into the future. The Swedish Research Council (VR) had invited an application for operations funding 2019-2023. Thus with input from the Swedish universities and our advisory committees, we submitted a new strategy plan and an operations budget. This was reviewed in early November and we expect first feedback from the funders before the end of the year. An important milestone in this decision making process will be the Research Proposition (forskningsproppen), to be announced next week. It will signal which importance the Swedish government assigns to MAX IV for the future.

Beyond any doubt the coming year will again be exciting for us all at MAX IV. We are looking forward to getting the users back and testing the performance of our new instruments with them. One milestone will be the users meeting, where we hope to see many of you in order to discuss status and steps for the future.

Thank you for your continued interest and support. We look forward to having you back at MAX soon!


Christoph Quitmann

Save the date - MAX IV user meeting 2017

The MAX IV User Meeting 2017 will take place on the 13-15 March 2017 in Lund.

The meeting includes a parallel industry user workshop on the 13 March.

More information will be presented shortly at 

First call for proposals

– Opening up for user access to beamlines is progressing well, says Jesper Andersen, Science Director and Marjolein Thunnissen, Head of MAX IV Users Office. We look forward to welcoming our first commissioning expert users who will contribute to the further commissioning of beamlines and a first limited call for regular users at BioMAX and NanoMAX, with limited available methods and beamtime, will open 13 December. more on the MAX IV users webpage

Open day in the workshop

Interview with Patrik Almqvist (in Swedish) at the open day in the workshop. Watch the video on YouTube.


Interview with Martin Johansson, project engineer at MAX IV who will take on new challenges at SLAC. Watch the interview at our YouTube channel.

New MAX IV Board

Information about the Board can be found on the MAX IV Governance webpages.

EUCALL finishes first year, bearing new technologies

The European Cluster of Advanced Laser Light sources (EUCALL), a European Union-funded project that aims to foster links between accelerator- and laser-driven X-ray facilities, has completed the first year of its three year project period. The project successfully met all twenty of its milestones for the year, producing a new open source tool for experiment simulations and developing specifications for several pieces of new scientific equipment. Read more.