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Workshop plans for 2017 taking shape

Hi everyone!

Autumn passed so quickly and Christmas is knocking on the door. I thought I would have a peaceful creative November in my studio but November passed faster than ever. I have been very busy working on my workshop plans for 2017 and they are now taking shape. There are two classes open for registration, Stockholm in January and Norway in May... and there are more coming. Why not give yourself a fun creative workshop as a Christmas gift? It will be a weekend you will not forget!  

Find your Flow Workshops

In my workshops we will together try to unlock our wells of creativity and discover the precious moments of flow. We are letting go of our inner critique and working through a process of steps that helps us let go and be brave! We will focus on enjoying the process, finding different ways to let go and learning not to get too attached to what we create.

Do you like to paint, to be creative or do you feel that you need new inspiration in your creative path? Come and join us in a challenging and fun workshop where we all will share our experiences and be part of each other’s inspiration. You can be a beginner or an experienced artist. This workshop is for everyone!

You can find more information on my web!


Buy my paintings at RustyRose

You can find my art exhibited at the fantastic shop RustyRose on Skånegatan in Stockholm! It is like walking into some once home... with my art on the walls:) I LOVE hanging my art here!!



  That is all for now!

Hope to see you next year in one of my workshops:-)

Be creative and stay tuned.

Love Jenny



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