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A Word from the Director

Dear colleagues & future users of MAX IV,

On 21 June at 13:08:55 the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven inaugurated MAX IV in the presence of his Majesty the King. This was the symbolic step completing the building of MAX IV and moving to the next phase: scientific exploitation.

So far we have completed the initial commissioning of the 3 GeV ring and have light in three of the 14 already funded beamlines. The 1.5 GeV ring will be completed during the summer so that first light can be expected before the end of the year.

For the future we now intensify the collaboration with the user community again.

In May we published the first call for beamline commissioning with experts, covering the Balder, BioMAX, HIPPIE, and NanoMAX beamlines. The participation of commissioning experts shall assure the best possible performance of the beamlines when starting to accept general users in 2017.

A next step will be the User Meeting, which is booked for March 13-15, 2017 in Lund. We will present status reports, but also first commissioning and user results. In addition we will discuss the progress of the future beamlines. Save the date!

But today we also take first steps into the more distant and unclear future. We start thinking of where MAX IV Laboratory shall be in 10 or 20 years. Which tools will scientists need then and how can we provide them?
Big projects have long lead-times so the best time to start them is now. 

We look forward to the next phase, when the users return and the science begins!


 Christoph Quitmann

Best of MAX IV inauguration 21 June

Forskarhotell på Brunnshögs gård

Intervju med Thomas Löfgren, fastighetsägare, Brunnshögs gård. Se intervjun på Youtube.

NanoMAX – first light on sample

NanoMAX managed to align a zone plate, order sorting aperture and central beam stop, which allowed the team to put a sample in the focal position. Read more.

First diffraction at BioMAX

The first diffraction experiment with a protein crystal has been performed at the BioMAX beamline at MAX IV Laboratory.  After 5 years of designing, building and commissioning of this new beamline, crystals of the protein thaumatin were exposed to X-rays produced by the new MAX IV 3 GeV storage ring and diffraction patterns have been collected. Read More.

ForMAX – a portal to future forest industry

“It is very exciting to be part of this project working towards a mainly industry funded beamline” “I’m looking forward to the first experiments and to what new products and applications this might lead to”, says Magnus Larsson, Industry liaison officer, MAX IV. Read more.

Magnus Larsson, Industry liaison officer, MAX IV